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How can I choose between social care and health?

There are lots of rewarding job roles across social care and health care. And as they work closer together, there are some job roles which include aspects of both.

Social care is about providing physical, emotional and social support to help people live their lives. For various reasons and at different stages in their lives, some people need practical and personal support to maintain their independence, dignity and control. Social care provides a whole range of services such as supporting someone to do social activities, assessing someone’s care or mobility needs, helping someone with a disability to find a house or a job, or assisting someone with their personal care. If you work in social care, you could help people in their own homes, in residential homes or in a number of other places such as day centres or supported housing.

Roles within the healthcare sector are usually split into clinical (direct patient facing) and non clinical other roles. The NHS is the main employer and many jobs are based in hospitals, however many more health jobs are now based outside traditional hospitals, so you could work in a GP surgery, ambulance trust, pharmacy, a charity or not-for-profit organisation, or local authority.

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