Working in care – what’s the right job for me?

If you’re thinking about your career or looking for work, or supporting people with their career decisions, this Career Matcher can help.

It’s important to see if a job in care (this could either be social care or healthcare) is right for you. This Career Matcher will introduce you to the different roles you could do depending on your skills and what you’re interested in. When you work through the Career Matcher you’ll answer a series of questions – this will narrow down suitable jobs based on your answers.

At the end of each section we recommend that you make a note of roles you are interested in. When you’ve gone through all the questions you should have a shortlist of roles to research further.

Throughout the Career Matcher clicking on the jobs that are listed will take you to website pages with more information about that job and there are also links to further information which you can look at to help you make decisions.

Section 1